Progress comes from the intelligent use of experience.


Cash Converter Owners

FYI: Cash Converters stores that are with USS have not had a Burglary in the past 10 Months.

The reason for this is not luck it is the combination of USS and you the owner putting in systems and working together to make it as hard as possible for them to steal from you. Because of our systems the staff whether you believe it or not have played a large roll in this by talking about the preventive measures we installed and this information has deterred the crooks. We do know and I believe by now, have accepted that information about your operations is gained from disgruntled employees, existing employees and from scouting your site.

Armed Robbery: I suggest that all your staff should wear a Pedant Panic Button. No more finding the panic button, its now part of there uniform. This I believe will make it so much harder for the crook. How can the crook tell all your staff not to push the button without drawing attention to himself and all the clients in the store. Further how will he identify 
who pushed the button when all are wearing one.