Progress comes from the intelligent use of experience.


How does it work.

Please Read - We are already providing this service Nationally.


How do we do it?


Ø  We monitor your Alarm system by having a GPRS transmitter installed. (You receive open and close signals)

Ø  We link your current CCTV System to our control room via the current internet connection you have.

Ø  We have PepperGuard installed in your business. (Optional)


How does it work?


Ø  During normal trading hours we will monitor 2 cameras in your business that will indicate to us a possible Armed Robbery.

Ø  When the store is closed and the alarm system armed, we rely on a signal coming from your alarm system to indicate a burglary.

Ø  The PepperGuard are independent systems and they also will advise us of an intrusion when triggered


What do we do?


Ø  During trading hours if we detect an Armed Robbery or you press you panic button. We will call your armed response company, the Police, The local Security and any policing forum we know of in your area. (All calls are recorded)

Ø  We advise them of how many criminals there are and alert them to other possible dangers we are witnessing.

Ø  We immediately start recording in our control room in the event of them destroying or taking the DVR.

Ø  When the store is closed and we receive a burglary signal. We will immediately bring all cameras on screen in the control room and send am Arm signal to the PepperGuard. We will inform the armed response company to investigate and report back to us. Whatever we detect gets shared with the relevant authorities to assist in them doing their job.


This systems offers you 3 levels of security – Alarm System, CCTV and PepperGuard.


1.    Rip the Alarm out, No matter what we still get the first signal. 

2.    Break the CCTV system, we have seen you do it.

3.    Move past the PepperGuard unit and it will detect you and spray you with Pepper Gas and also send a signal back to the control room to absolutely verify that we need to send all you and we have to your business.



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Progress comes from the intelligent use of experience.