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 PepperGuard spray units are safe providing they have been installed properly.

Two  passives can be installed, wired in parallel, to alleviate false triggering (both passives need to detect movement simultaneously to trigger the unit.) This application is widely used for factories (cats and rats etc) and game farms (geckos and moths etc.)

Pet passives can be used instead of the standard passive.

It will fill the area the unit is protecting with a highly repulsive and irritating pepper gas, stopping theft while police and armed guards respond.

A standard unit will spray once on every activation which will give the unit approximately seven separate sprays from a single canister, and has a shelf life of five years.

After activation the unit remains armed until disarmed by you.

To arm and disarm the unit we can use up to 4 different cell phones. (4 Different Users)

A sms will also be sent to your phone saying "ARMED","DISARMED" and "BURGLARY" when applicable.
A time delay of 15 seconds is used on the entry/exit door with an audible alarm to warn that the unit is still armed. 
When PepperGuard has been triggered a "BURGLARY" message will be sent to all phones loaded on the system.
The unit comes standard with a back up battery” which will power the unit in the event of a power failure.
Approx battery life when no power is 12 hours. A "LOW BATTERY" sms will also be sent to your phone to warn of power failure.

Charging of the unit takes place while unit is powered from the wall socket.

The pepper gas used is a totally natural mixture, made up of different peppers, (15% capsicum) which is non-lethal to humans but attacks the eyes, nose, mouth, throat, nasal passages and skin. The gas is non lethal and is used by some local law enforcement agencies as a hand held spray.