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Our Services 

Our unique approach to security creates distinctive solutions. USS is not content to settle for the obvious, the expected or the predictable. To this end, we would like to offer our expert services and wisdom to you, which in turn will bring much improved safety and security to all your customers.

The service to you will not be a new challenge to USS, but rather extending what we are already doing.

Offsite Monitoring has a variety of applications. However, the design and implementation of individual systems will vary significantly from Client to Client. Recordings of events can be reviewed to prove how a theft occurred. Management can use recordings as a training aid. Recently, the capability to have premises monitored remotely (at our Off-Site facility) is becoming the most effective use of this powerful technology. Done and perfected by USS.

Here is what we can do for you regarding your security. Firstly, we inspect your security onsite and if needed we recommend newer or alternative equipment but in most cases we use what you have. We connect a GPRS module to your existing alarm system as to allow communication to our control room. This tells us when you have armed and disarmed your alarm system, it also tells us when there has been a breach in your security. The CCTV system in connected to any form of Internet connection and this allows us video streaming from your site. We install PepperGuard systems to allow us to spray the perpetrator with gas. This unit also communicates with our control room.

So, during operating hours we monitor 2 cameras in your business to identify a potential Armed Robbery. When you Arm your system we no longer monitor the cameras but rely on the alarm system to detect the perpetrator . Once a perpetrator is detected a signal is sent to us and we then send a signal to the PepperGuard to arm, so as the perpetrator passes in front of the unit, he gets sprayed close up, also we then call up all your cameras and start recording in the control room and deploy the Police, your armed Response, community Forum and whoever else we have on the list.

Please feel free to Contact us for any further information you require.